Ready to Move to the Balkans?

Do you have plans or dreams to move to Serbia or Montenegro?

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Move to Serbia

Serbia is a beautiful country in Southeast Europe. It shares borders with Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia. Its capital is Belgrade. Serbia is a mountainous country, with forests in the central area and low-lying plains in the northern area…


Move to Montenegro

Montenegro is a country ocated in the west-central Balkans at the southern end of the Dinaric Alps with Podgorica being the administrative capital. Peculiar to Montenegro’s mountainous regions are the numerous smaller lakes…

Dr. Jean-Gabriel Maurice


.Having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business in Nova Scotia, Canada, Jean-Gabriel worked as a sale representative and management consultant at various companies in Canada and Europe. 

 He then decided to go on to complete a Master’s degree in New Brunswick and his PhD at the University of Montreal in the field of business. Jean-Gabriel subsequently worked at numerous academic institutions in their management departments including INSEAD Business School, France, the American University of Armenia, UBO in France, Viadrina European University in Germany, KIMEP in Kazakhstan, Royal University for Women in Bahrain, and A’Sharqiyah University in Oman. 

 He also completed various missions in Laos, Estonia, and francophone Africa.

He now manages his real estate investments, advises The Wandering Investor, Investisseur Globetrotteur, and helps individuals and their families Move to the Balkans